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Kayaking or canoeing
Are you looking for a day of fun in one of our kayaks? Enjoy the magnificent views of the valley of the river Meuse together with your company. Each in their own boat or all together? Your choice! You can kayak alone, in pairs or in threes. Our canoes can hold three to four people.
Rafting is a relaxing kind of recreation during which you sail down a river with a group, also at high water. Experience a day with lots of fun and team spirit in our rafts, which can seat 6 to 15 people at the same time. Rafting is perfect for team building, but also for groups of friends, youth groups, schools or families. Experience the atmosphere and have an amazing day in our rafts. By the way, rafting together can be done all year round!

9 km

Enjoy unspoilt nature

From Kotem at the Meuse (Maasmechelen) to the ferry of Meeswijk (B) / Berg at the Meuse (NL). You sail through a beautiful area of unspoilt nature, part of the RivierPark Maasvallei. While you’re paddling, enjoy the sound of rippling water and the water birds’ play, and let yourself be carried along on the rapids; that’s what it means to fully relax. Maybe you will even be accompanied by some “large grazers” like the Galloways or Konik horses, who are having a taste of the varying flora of the banks.

13 km

Just a little bit more

Because of the corona measures we need to take, we can temporarily NOT offer this route.

21 km

The full experience

Because of the corona measures we need to take, we can temporarily NOT offer this route.

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Info & FAQ

How do I prepare myself for a day of Kayak Maasland?
  • Reserve your kayak, canoe or raft in time.
  • Think about the weather conditions. Will it be hot? Will it rain?
  • Definitely take the following things with you: sunglasses, headwear, sun lotion, old shoes (no sandals!), reserve clothing, raincoat, plenty of water, some soft drinks and food.
  • A neck cord for your glasses is also a good idea!
  • Don’t take any valuable items with you on the water.
  • Clean your waste, together we keep this beautiful nature reserve clean!
  • Listen carefully to the route information at the start.
  • And last, but not least: enjoy your day.
Attention please! You can only pay in cash. If you are a bigger group, you can pay beforehand by bank transfer. Please contact us about this via email.
Is wearing a life jacket compulsory?
Yes! It is compulsory to put on the life jacket and wear it during the entire sailing trip.
What are possible times and places of departure?
Routes adjusted during the 2020 season. Because of the corona situation, during the 2020 season, we will stick to one general route for kayaking, canoeing and rafting. For organisational reasons, we can create an alternative route for groups and people who want to raft, if the situation allows it.
Route for the 2020 season: From Kotem to Meeswijk-veerpont:
  • 9 km route
  • by kayak, canoe or raft
  • start anytime between 10:00 and 15:00
  • Please reserve your spot
Alternative routes by kayak from Smeermaas (13 and 21 km) Alternative routes by raft (several distances)
How long does a trip take and what are the distances?
Sailing down the 9 km route takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours. A lot depends on the water level, among other things.
How to pay?
You pay in cash, preferably the exact money. You can’t pay with your card in this nature reserve. We can come to different agreements with companies and schools via email.
Can we picnic on the way?
Absolutely! You can tie up wherever you like. Do remember to take your waste with you!
How does the bus trip back work?
Information with reservation. The following information can be changed when new rules applying to us are enforced by the government.
During the summer months, our shuttle bus and/or minibuses drive non-stop to and from the starting and end points. When the bus leaves at a certain point, it takes about one hour before it arrives again, in the case of normal traffic. The bus schedule will be communicated at the starting point. If you prefer not to wait, you don’t have to use our shuttle service and you can park your own car at the starting and end point.

On calmer days, we use minibuses, so it’s possible that you will have to wait a bit longer at the starting/end point.

You don’t have to reserve the bus. This is an extra service we offer.
Is the Meuse a safe river?
The Meuse is a rain-fed river. That means that the water level can rise or fall very fast.
  1. On the water, there are always risks. You can minimise those by always wearing your life jacket.
  2. Listen carefully to the safety instructions at the start of the route.
  3. Don’t take unnecessary risks on the water. For example: don’t use alcohol, don’t just jump into the water.
Sail safely! Water recreation with small boats moved by muscle power like canoeing, kayaking, rafting… on the Meuse between Lanaken/Borgharen and Kinrooi/Stevensweert is not always easy. The Meuse is a rain-fed river and its water level can change very strongly and fast. The intensity of the current also varies in different places and depends on the (varying) weather conditions. Therefore, each canoeist should take into account the changeable character of the Meuse. Don’t let it surprise you. Sail safely and anticipate unexpected situations.
What to do in case of an emergency, where do I stop, who do I call?
  • Stop at the Belgian bank (left bank) in case of an emergency. Here, we can easily reach you.
  • Call us: +32 89 71 73 90.
Kevin Bollen
9 km / group activity

Top organisation, beautiful route with many rapids. Best kayak letters in Belgium. #definitelyrecommended

Frank Damen
21 km / group activity

Have kayaked here many times and will kayak here many more times. Every time, I enjoy a relaxing and carefree day on the beautiful Meuse.

Henny Stans
9 km / group activity

Have been on many fun kayaking trips through the beautiful Maasland. We received a very clear briefing, there were life jackets in all sizes… Highly recommended for a day of water fun.

Yolanda Muermans
9 km / group activity

Superfijne dag gehad! Proficiat voor de jongens aan de start en aankomst. Super behulpzaam, dankjewel. Dit doen we zeker nog eens over. Bij de aankomst in Stokkem smaken de frietjes als nergens anders. Dit was een fijne afsluiter!


Kayaking or canoeing

from 20 pp
  • Kayak 1 person: € 20 pp
  • Kayak 2 people: € 20 pp
  • Child (0 to 12 years old): € 15 pp
  • Canoe 3 people: € 20 pp
  • Child (0 to 12 years old): € 15 pp
  • With 2 people in a three-person canoe: € 23 pp
  • Kano 4 personen: € 20 pp
  • Kind (0 t.e.m 12 j): € 15 pp
  • Met 3 in een vierpersoonskano: € 23 pp


from 18 pp
  • Rafting with 6-8 people: € 150 per raft
  • Rafting with 9-15 people: € 18 pp
  • Special rates for children and youths
Always included: life jackets (adults and children from 3 years old), and very light kayak paddles.

Have a bite to eat afterwards?

From May until September, the Meuse terrace at the end point is open. There, you can talk everything over with fries, snacks, ice cream and drinks.

Transport back to your starting point

  • 6 euros per person
  • 4 euros per child (up to 12 years old)
  • 1 euro per child (up to 7 years old)
  • Transport with taxi van on request

Some photos

The weather forecast

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